Adult Learners' Day

You may join the audience by prior arrangement only.

Applicants are invited to join me on our first Adult Learners Day The day will begin with a group warmup, followed by masterclasses (open lessons) with Rebecca until lunchtime. In the afternoon, qualified hypnotherapist Steve Baxter will give a talk on 'confident performance' followed by more masterclasses. If anyone still has the stamina, the opportunity is open for cello chamber music in the evening - we can enjoy sight-reading together or possibly playing some prepared pieces for fun.

This day is aimed at anyone who would like to join in, whether amateur or professional. Would you enjoy a new perspective on your playing? The opportunity to get some feedback from Rebecca and your fellow participants?! We will all learn from each other in a relaxed, stress-free environment. The emphasis is on enjoying music making, the only minimum requirement is a Grade 5-6 equivalent standard.

Please note - we will provide sandwiches for lunch - in the evening our helpers will be busy preparing for the arrival of the students the next day, but there are plenty of nice restaurants in Wimborne. Hot drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day. (And cake. Everybody needs cake...)

Cost for the day - £tba.

NOTE - this session of the Dorset Cello Classes is not open to the public except by prior arrangement and with agreement of the participants. Please contact me if you wish to spectate!

Location - Details are on this website here.

How to apply

Please contact me via the email below - include your musical biography, what standard you play to and if there is anything specific you would be interested in addressing on the day. Places are limited to 8 and due to financial constrants, the course would not be able to run if less than half the spaces are filled.

Get applying for what should be a fun and music-filled day!

The email address for enquiries is