The Dorset Cello Classes

Presented by Rebecca Gilliver and Paul Janes


Applications are now open for the Dorset Cello Classes, Adult Learners Event, 7/8th June, Student Course, 2nd-7th September 2024

Fundraising Concert, 3pm, 9th June; Rebecca Gilliver and Paul Janes. Student concert, 7pm, Saturday 7th September, Church House.

The DCC House

The Dorset Cello Classes were set up in 2019 with the concept of providing a few days of focused study for young professional cellists. Young musicians nowadays have so many distractions in the form of bombarding emails, social media, the need to finance their studies and the difficulty of beginning a career in music. Creating a peaceful space in a beautiful place where they can simply study and learn is the key to the Classes. All classes are open to the public and free to attend.

In 2020 the courses were online; in 2021 they were held both in Wimborne and in London - in 2022 we finally returned properly to Dorset! Eight advanced students were invited to Wimborne for an intensive week of music making, culminating in a wonderful final concert the week after Easter. This April will follow a similar formula, with dates set for 10th-16th April with the final celebration concert at 7pm on Saturday 15th - a date for your diary!

The pandemic made me think about those who leave college and then are faced with what can be a daunting prospect of finding both musicial satisfaction and employment in what is increasingly, a difficult and competitive music industry. Having to finance themselves as well as having time and space to continue to develop their musical personalities is quite a balancing act and needs support from those of us lucky enough to have entered the profession at an easier time. Therefore the course now gives priority to college leavers and young professionals. Of course, any spaces left over will be gladly offered to students undertaking their postgraduate and graduate degrees so don't be coy to apply!

Coming originally from Dorset, I wanted to bring the music home, to where I had my first inspiration in the forms of the Dorchester Schools Orchestra, the Dorset Youth Orchestra, Music clubs at the Dorford centre in Dorchester and of course my extraordinarily inspiring first teacher, David Norton. Whilst my connection with Dorset is in the Dorchester area, the person who really set me on the path to music was the man who bought me my first little cello - Donald Hall, a wonderful family friend, my godfather and my headmaster! Although he has sadly left us, he lived in Holt just outside Wimborne so I decided to site the course in and around Wimborne in his honour. Thanks to local support, in our fundraising concert last November, we managed to raise enough money to provide some scholarships for students in need of financial assistance. We are so grateful for your support and encouragment for the classes.

Bringing music to my home county is very important to me and therefore in 2023 we will be continuing the concept of the Adult Learners’ Event. The Adult Learners event (which took place on-line in 2020 but was managed face to face in 2021 and 22), is aimed at amateur cellists who would enjoy a day and a half of music making, cello chamber music, lessons and masterclasses. Much fun has been had on these courses, with lots of music and cake being devoured...! Details of the 2023 course will be released when I can find a date. (see the Adult Learners tab).

Rebecca and Student