How to Apply

The DCC House

Information on how to join us as a student for the Dorset Cello Classes

Applications open now.

For either the Adult Learners Event, or the Dorset Cello Classes, please contact me via the email address below. For the Adult Learners Event, (June 7/8) let me know what standard you play to, and anything you might like to particularly focus on during the weekend. Places are limited to 8 so get applying! For the Dorset Cello Classes residential course (September 2-7, young professionals and music students), please include your biography, age and details of the project you wish to focus on during the week - it’s possible you may be asked to provide a recording at a later date.

The classes are limited to 8 students and the criteria for applying are as follows -

  • For the Dorset Cello Classes, preference will be given to college leavers and young professionals, particularly those preparing for a specific profject, eg. audition, competition, concert.
  • All students applying must have either completed, or be in a course of study at a music conservatory.

The email address for enquiries is